Though not a must, this is how we like to determine the viability of the yeast - with a starter.

First, select your grains.  A wide variety of grain is available to the homebrewer.

Every Bottle is Cotton Picking Good!

Check the gravity (final shown)

Crush it up!

You need a good quality stainless kettle to produce good quality brews.  Don't skimp here.

Mashing the grains is where the real magic happens.  This is where you extract the sugars and rich flavor of the recipe you have built and create the wert to work with. 

Boil it up and cool it down....

Case it up!

Keg it up!

Hops are where those curious flavors and aromas come from and influence heavily the type of beer produced. Hops shown are leaf hops and are added to the boil. This may be the most influential step in the process.